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@ChrizK the example you gave with the ribbon was an older on-premise version of SharePoint, either 2010 or 2013. Although modern SharePoint Online shares some of the backend look and some of the features of the the older products you really need to think of it as a totally different platform. There is no way on a modern site to have text wrapping around an image. There is the text web part, there is the image web part but there is no image & text web part.


You only get the full width web part if you have created a Communication site rather than created for example a team site then converted it to the modern UI.


The graphic > text > graphic > text in the article about sections wasn't 4 columns, it was a news web part set  in a one column section with the news layout set to side by side. There is then a vertical column on the right.


The options you have for the layout of columns is limited to the options Microsoft provides and you cannot set the width. The reason for that is that the page is responsive so will adjust itself depending on the screen width.


Unless you go down the route of custom development or SPFx (which we're not allowed to use at my company so I know very little about it) then unfortunately you have to live with the more restrictive way of laying out pages than we had before.


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