@stormin_30 Thank you for your suggestion, however, am I correct that sections are limiting in that they do not allow me to choose how wide a section is?  It appears that I can, for example, choose a 1/3rd split (being a FIXED 1/3rd).

The example on the web page is certainly neat when you want everything to appear in columns, but that doesn't suit my purpose.  It is also interesting that the example shows

Graphic > Text > Graphic > Text, which indicates four columns, each with a web part.

That does not appear to be possible, unless you can 2x Two Columns next to each other(???)


5. Section Layout, shows Full Width section, with two vertical dotted lines.

Is this indicating the ability to choose Full Width, and insert 'any number' of columns, at the width YOU choose?


I don't actually have this option, but I am guessing it is because I have chosen to have Vertical section on the right (which contains my Navigation links to other pages).


>>>>UPDATE >>>> I created a new site page (without Vertical), and Full Width is not available.