Firstly, I need to apologies, as I am learning as I go along, and my terminology may be incorrect.

The organisation in which I am working has implemented Teams, which I believe is effectively a front end for O365, with Sharepoint (and other apps) behind it.

I am attempting to add site Pages to my Team (aka Sharepoint Private Group), with expectation that I get an intranet look and feel for the team.  NB I think I will fail here, as it appears that Pages can only be viewed from Sharepoint, so you get all the Sharepoint navigation/tools/controls, rather than a clean and simple web page.


Anyway, I want to add a row/column with a small picture and some text around it.  I believe this to be a fairly simple requirement, and see youtube instruction doing so, but they have a toolbar/ribbon to add a picture.  My 'view' only allows '+' to add a new webpart within a column.  I can see no way of changing my view to see a toolbar.


I can choose to add a picture, but the web part takes the full width of the column.

NB I can crop the image to be a 'thumbnail', which can be placed on the left/centre/right, but I cannot add text in the remaining space, or any way to 'shrink' the webpart, allowing a text webpart to be placed next to it.  This means my small picture takes up the whole 'row', and aesthetically looks terrible.

**I get the impression that Web Parts have a specific function, which provide tools for that function.  ie I add a picture, and get a Picture Web Part, and I can crop and move.  If I add text, I get a Text Web Part, and can change the font.   'Obviously' I want a 'text box' in which I can choose to add a picture, or video for that matter.  Has this functionality been removed, have I missed something, or has the organisation blocked something?

FYI I have no idea how to identify which version of O365 I am using (I thought O365 was a global resources, and always 'up to date')


Any help would be much appreciated.


NB this Microsoft article references the ribbon.  I can only assume it is out of date, on the basis my organisation is using the current O365, or perhaps the administrators are blocking me from viewing the ribbon?