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Yes I know, not recommended, but it is possible - has any of the Classic functionality been removed under the covers preventing this (such as master pages, page layouts, classic DocSets)?


- Looking to migrate a Classic Intranet from 2013 to SE. to get back into a supported version.

- Would like to migrate to SE if the Classic functionality is the same as in 2016 and 2019, and then phase 2 of project would be a classic to modern rebuild on the SE platform.


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Hi @Warwick Ward, I recommend taking a look at our What's deprecated or removed from SharePoint Server Subscription Edition article if you haven't already. It lists the features that have either been removed or deprecated (i.e. could potentially be removed in the future). There have been no other significant feature removals/deprecations in SPSE, including to our classic UI, site templates, etc., so we have no plans to end support for classic UI at this time. Just keep in mind that future investments will focus on the modern UI instead of the classic UI, so we recommend using the modern UI for the best experience for usability, accessibility, etc.

Great thanks for the reply Troy, this will allow the splitting of migration effort between hosting and front end.