Thanks for the input Massimo.


I had a look at that but it is a dev-oriented service. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to write a web part that made use of it, but licensing it for general in an intranet for a big organisation could get expensive very quickly.  It would have to be used in a targeted way, with a select group of users.


It did make me realise that I had not thought through the licensing implications properly though.  Every user who is going to view the dashboard will need a Power BI license.  The individual amount is not that high, but if you multiply it by 4,000 users, you have $40,000 per month, which is quite expensive.


I guess Power BI will not be replacing the good old Reporting Services and Excel approach we have been using in SharePoint for so long.  Though the SQL licences for Reporting Services are not cheap either, especially if you want the Enterprise features (like Mobile Reports)


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