First and foremost, I think you may want to reach out to a Power BI (or MS) rep to get clarification on the licensing implications. There are "free" and "pro" licenses available to users. Your "free" users have the ability to view reports, but may not get the full Power BI experience (refreshed data every "x" minutes / hours). My memory is quite hazy on the specifics, but I suggest you reach out to MS.. there is definitely value in leveraging "free" licenses to expose reports to users.


Regarding a solution for embedding - while there has yet to be a Power BI web part made available (although it looks like there will be some sort of an embed option in Modern Team Sites once they release - check out the recent announcement on that front and watch closely to the gifs / videos), there was a new JavaScript API announced at the beginning of this month for Power BI.



I haven't see much communication of this API, but I thought it was a great enhancement that should allow you to embed Power BI into SharePoint (or other web apps) - albeit with the assistance of a web developer. 


Hope some of this helps :)



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