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Searched but could not find this asnwer.


What happens when a user no longer works at the company? Can the PowerBI Dashboards/Data be transfed to a different user? Does this require a ticket with Microsoft? Has anyone ever done this or gone through this?

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Hi David,


I guess we speak about about My Workspace at Power BI services. I could be wrong, but transfer of ownerships is still not implemented, as well as transfer of dashboards and reports from one workspace to another.


In general better not to use My Workspace at all to avoid such problems, but that's another story.


Sorry, nothing useful, just a comment. We had no such experience in our organization.

Thank You Sergei

Are you asking if you can assign permission to another user to have access to Power BI Dashboard? Power BI is a cloud-based service where data and the back-end engines are powered by set of Azure services. Data is not being owned by anyone.



If a user no longer works at the company, the user license is removed (from Office 365 portal) and he has no access to the Power BI dashboard or reporting. Nevertheless, if that user intends to download the database before leaving the company, he can if he has privilege to pull out data to his Power BI Desktop. Or if he is a DBA who has access to the data source which Power BI connects to, then data leakage is a concern.


Hope that addresses to your question.

Is there already a solution for this? is it already possible for an administrator to transfer permissions from one user to another?
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