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We have a custom list inside our sharepoint on-premises 2013, and using the Power BI desktop app i want to connect with the sharepoint custom list. so i did the following steps:-

1) Inside power BI >> click on "Get Data" >> "SharePoint List"


2. i entered the site url >> select the intended custom list >> but i got this error:-



DataSource.Error: We couldn't parse OData response result. Error: A null value was found for the property named 'QuickOrder', which has the expected type 'Collection(Edm.String)[Nullable=False]'. The expected type 'Collection(Edm.String)[Nullable=False]' does not allow null values.


where the "QuickOrder" is a custom site column of this type



so not sure why Power BI raised this error on this column specifically? is there a way to fix this error? or to exclude this column for the integration?

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