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I find nowhere the response, I'm not an "IT guy".

1. I have created as now an excel file in sharepoint with a data model linked to several power view reports. Excel 2017 linked to Report Q1;Report Q2;Report Q3;ReportQ4.

I always update the excel file updating the data model with update all, changes reflecting in all my reports.

2. As my excel sheet Excel 2017 is quite heavy (a lot of datas), for the year 2018, I would like to create a new Excel 2018 with a similar data model and same power view report, not re-doing all the work., exactly same presentation.

(My previous Excel 2017 must still be linked with Report Q1;Report Q2... I want to see later these reports with datas 2017, keeping reports 2017 with datas 2017.)


What is the best way "copying" work 2017, updated with 2018 datas?


Hope that somebody can help me with a simple language, I'm beginner.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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