CRSP: The emergency team fighting cyber attacks beside customers - Microsoft Security

CRSP is a worldwide team of cybersecurity experts operating in most countries, across all organizations (public and private), with deep expertise to secure an environment post-security breach and to help you prevent a breach in the first place.

As a specialist team within the wider Microsoft cybersecurity functions, CRSP predominantly focuses on reactive security projects for our customers. The main types of projects they undertake are:

  • Compromise recovery: Giving customers back control of their environment after a compromise.
  • Rapid ransomware recovery: Restore business-critical applications and limit ransomware impact.
  • Advanced threat hunting: Proactively hunt for the presence of advanced threat actors within an environment.

In addition to our reactive work due to their technical expertise and experience, CRSP are sometimes engaged to work proactively with high-profile customers to help keep them safe no matter who or what the adversary.