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Does anyone know if there is a limitation on how many characters a description and a visual marking (footer text for example) may have and if yes, what's the limitation?


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Have you tried in the Azure portal to see how many characters you can enter for these? I know they put max length validation in, so try there to confirm the maximum string length. But for the label descriptions, I think I remember it being 1,000 characters.

Actually, I've just documented this here as a new entry in the "additional information" list for visual markings, because we discovered Excel has a much shorter max string length for headers/footers (253 characters) - so the string can truncate if the number of characters that you specify for the label exceeds this number.  


To answer your original question:

  • Max number of characters you can specify for headers/footers: 1024
  • Max number of characters you can specify for watermarks: 255