Hey Paul,
Thanks for the feedback! I'm adding the notification feature to the backlog. We intend to provide an easy way to 'undo' any given action, but I agree that a notification is a good extension of the control framework.
For your second question, the [Not Scored] items are definitely intended to be scored eventually. It is surprisingly hard to find the source data in the ecosystem, and we wanted to get the experience in the hands of real users sooner rather than later. We exposed the full list of controls because we'd love to hear if you think we've missed anything, or that the identified control is off target.
Lastly, I think facilitating a regular review cadence is a good suggestion. Several of the controls are for report reviews, which happen weekly or monthly. We explicitly wanted to avoid an 'alerting' framework, but finding ways to poke you to come back is a good suggestion. Possibly might use the Security and Compliance Center 'Action Center' functionality for that. For now, you'll have to manage manually.
Thanks again for the feedback!
Brandon Koeller