Well, I do miss the PowerShell bit - always good to know what exactly a tool is doing. In this regard I do think you should update the consent part, for example make sure that the publisher is listed as Microsoft, and provide a clear explanation why you need the type of permissions ("write directory data" can be a hard sell to some organizations as it can easily be taken out of context).


Other that that - it's cool. Obviously needs some more work, lots of UI glitches, lots of missing/inactive controls, but overall I like it. A "rescan" button might be handy? Also some sort of filter/template per industry or per security standard, so that people can easily check where they stand in terms of meeting compliance for their particular needs.


Will do a more detailed review/blog post in the next days and send some additional feedback your way. Lots has changed in the service since the last time I spammed o365securescore@microsoft.com :)