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Dear Onedrive Team
many things you achieved are really awesome and cannot be missed anymore. 

For a long time now the ADMX structure in the Onedrive Client folder is not matching these of other products like

- Windows 10 / Server

- Office 

- Teams

- Edge


I plea to consider this change request to restructure the current folder to meet with the microsoft defaults.

Affected Products: Onedrive Client (incl. Onedrive for Business)

Affected versions: all

Usecase: Users/Admins can pick the files in the folder without intervention and place them to 



Requested Actions:

1a. Machine based installation:
rename C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\buildnumber\adm to admx

1b. User based installation:

rename %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\BuildNumber\adm\ to admx


reason: The folder contains no legacy adm files but modern admx files

adm was used when it does really contain adm files (e.g. Office 2007/2010)


2.  rename the folder structure according to the unified language descriptors (also called culture codes)  

current: en / de / fr 

expected: 4 letter language code with this convention ab-cd

en-us, de-de, fr-fr, etc according to this list, as used in all other MSFT ADMX templates
Language Code Table (

I see they are also using codes like en / de for not region specific languages like (German, with not further accent), yet this does not comply with the structure in Policydefinitions and Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) or eventually Intune.


3. Place the onedrive.adml into the specific (currently missing) subfolder en-US


current state



expected structure (aside there are some languages not shown in this example.



cc: @Stephen Rose 

Thank you very much on your feedback, perhaps also why Onedrive does actually differ here from other products, while I hope this is just unintended.