If only literally anything Microsoft did were as simple as a product name change!

The reality is, it is NEVER that simple.

Since installing Visio Pro 2019 onto a system already installed with Office 365, I have now got problems in Outlook, with authentication failures constantly asking me to sign in and shared mailboxes disappearing from one of my Office 365 accounts (Yes. I have more than one MS 365 account. Something that is only likely to be come more common in a world of increasing casualisation of the workforce, subcontracting and outsourcing).

I have spoken to a MS support rep about this and he has told me that, if you need to install Visio onto a system already with Office 365 then you need to uninstall Office, install Visio and then reinstall Office. But only after sacrificing a ferret at the next summer solstice, whilst wearing goatskin chaps and standing on one leg, I expect!

Click to run (C2R) was supposed to have removed all of this application dependency/incompatibility BS, from Microsoft products, but has only added to the clusterfsck!