@Vasil Michev Appreciate the reply.


Yes, I was planning on stripping out the hybrid model first. I don't see any continuing need at this point.


The EndState:

- Company1.com domain moved to Company2's tenant

- Company1's users and data are migrated into Company2's tenant and associated with Company1.com

- all Company1's mailboxes are in ExO within Company2's tenant

- decommission Company1's last OnPremEX

- Company1's local AD sync's with Company1.com in AAD in Company2's tenant

- Company1's users and local resources continue to authenticate as always (against Company1's local AD)


If we simply move our existing domain into Company2's tenant then migrate the users in Company1 (my company) into Company2's tenant (including all of their data) and associate them with my domain there, am I able to continue to use Company1's local AD to manage and maintain users by just pointing AD Sync to the domain within the new tenant? AND will the local AD for Company1 continue to function for local authentication as it currently is?