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Hi Here is my situation please help


1. User left the company 9 months ago..... we removed O365 license and moved AD account to a NON-SYNCING OU (keep for 1 year)

2. User recently got rehired - we move the AD account back to SYNCING OU

3. User account Sync'd to O365

4. We applied license


Its been a few days and no mailbox is showing in O365!


We go to on-prem Exchange... we see the user in EAC as an O365 mailbox!  How do we get this mailbox to show up in O365???  What are we missing from the re-enabling of this user?

The mailbox is removed ~30 days after assigning a license, so I'm afraid there's nothing to recover here. The only exception would be if you had the mailbox on hold before removing the license.
I never said i am trying to recover a mailbox.