@Tom Braman 


I'm by no means a Microsoft employer but can let you knwo what I Believe.


The bigger purpose of Teams is simplicity and having a workspace app to make users workdays easier and more efficient. When we talk about metadata, that's something bigger than Teams. That needs planning on a advanced document management level. Instead Teams tries to simplify by using channels (folders) as a first level and let user feel at home. Sure it's a step back maybe but keep in mind that you can still apply metadata to Teams or keep working with files and metadata in SharePoint. The newer files tab experience supports metadata better now aswell. 


This lays on every organisation on how to approach this. But now there's both an easy way for users to start using Teams straight up without the need for more extensive user training and many hours of finding out how to use metadata in the organisation. To start using SharePoint for files is also the 1 step towards using metadata I guess :)