New Contributor

Teams is being heavily promoted for use in a corporate/business environment.  However, the various installers always default to a "per user" mode, and it feels like the per user app is being forced on us.


- This includes the Teams version that is delivered with the Office 365 ProPlus C2R install.  The rest of the office suite installs per-computer, but Teams installs per user...

- If we direct staff and customers to use the web version, the first time they log in they get prompted to install the windows app, which does the same thing.  We can't suppress the prompts for them to install the "per user" app.

- An MSI installer for Teams can be run machine-wide and set in an "all users" mode to install per computer, but this is only supported for use in VDI environments.  Why is that?


I understand that Teams development is very active and updates are rolled out very frequently but in my mind this ends up creating a nightmare for system admins.  We need to be able to control how software is deployed, managed, and updated.  We're being forced to use third-party software products to manage the way that Teams runs in our environment, or we have to revert to unsupported methods.