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Live events:
I have been using this quite a bit, and there are things that could make it a lot easier:
1. Be able to upload content in advance and the presenters can click through
2. One issue is giving control to presenters if the producer is sharing the content – if the producer is queuing up the next video/ or doing other things in the live event, the mouse focus is off the pptx window, and if the presenter is using arrows, it will stop working for them until they left click back on the pptx.
3. There is a big issue with scaling.. There should be a warning/advice about not using windows scaling, as it cuts off images. Needs to be 100-125% max.(best to stick to 100%)
4. Currently we have a lot of staff/presenters who are working off laptop screens 13-14” from home. The complaint is that when keeping the scaling at 100% (screens are 1920 x1080) the publish/dismiss buttons are really small and hard to hit the correct option.
5. When you share content (for me, usually full screen pptx), the live event window minimises, you click it to maximise, and you end up with a spare small window?? What is all that about.
6. When you are navigating around the new questions, it resets to the top very often, which means a lot of scrolling.
Apologies for the copy paste of lots of questions, currently on the move

Hi @dpamment


Thank you for the feedback. We'll take these recommendations back to the product team, in the meantime, if you can add your feedback as User Voices on aka.ms/teamsfeedback, we can be sure to follow-up. 


For your first issue, could you expand a bit more? You could potentially use an encoder (see here https://support.office.com/en-us/article/produce-a-teams-live-event-using-an-external-app-or-device-...) and manipulate what is being seen by the attendees, and you can upload pre-recorded videos/feeds, etc. 


@cbalaki sorry, I unfortunately was out and about whilst this event was taking place. As many other users ascribe, using live events across a tenancy (specifically an education institution) can only work when it is self service, as the central team don't have capacity to provide producers, so they definitely don't have capacity to provide even more bells/whistles in the form of external encoders. 
Not sure if you are familiar with the blackboard learn platform? They have collaborate ultra which allows uploading of content for moderators to use. It converts pptx or pdf, and the content can be shared by any presenter, and all presenters can forward through the slide, or push to a specific slide. It would be much easier to have this within Live events rather than using more kit.. Happy to give you a demo of collaborate at some point if you would like to see how that feature works. Let me know :)


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