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For new tenants in O365 Regions Switzerland and Germany currently it is not possible to record Teams meetings, because Stream is provided from another O365 Region.


This feature has become very relevant and important to some of my customers from the finance, insurance and health industry, and are assessing Teams as a solution to provide remote consulting to their customers, or patients in the healthcare industry case, and want to use recording as part of their quality assurance processes. 


Any idea when Microsoft Stream will be offered in these regions, so that recording of Teams Meetings is possible?


Or any update when will the feature "Store recordings in-region storage when Stream is not available in Go Local" become available? (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=&searchterms=59665



Hi Rogelio,
Thank you for this feedback, we are always looking to support more regions and are always looking to expand to meet our customers demands. Our goal is to provide data residency for Teams in all the Office 365 country-based datacenters. (You can find additional info in FAQ here https://gorovian.000webhostapp.com/?exam=t5/microsoft-teams-blog/microsoft-teams-launches-south-korea-dat...)
We have nothing new to announce at this time for Stream expansion. As a workaround you can setup Stream cloud recordings to be saved in the same geo but not that specific data center if Stream isn't available yet.

@Emily Kirby Thanks for your answer. Can you elaborate a bit more on the work around? 


At the moment we have the following:


Exchange -> EU
SharePoint -> EU
Skype for Business -> EU
Microsoft Teams -> Switzerland


However, the recording functionality is not working. 


How can we change the location of Stream or Teams in order to have the recording working?


@Emily Kirby 


unfortunately your reply was not very helpful.


Can you please elaborate on how to implement the workaround you propose to setup Stream cloud recordings to be saved in the same geo but not that specific data center if Stream isn't available yet, and that it will work for Teams Meetings recordings?


This is becoming now a critical topic for my customers in Germany and Switzerland, who do have a requirement for Teams Meetings recordings, and until this works for O365 Tenants hosted in these regions, they refuse to move from PoC stage to do a full rollout of Teams.


Attached is an example of a Tenant hosted in O365 Region Switzerland, where we have the limitation of Teams Meetings recordings:

- Exchange -> EU

- SharePoint -> Switzerland

- Skype -> EU

- Microsoft Teams -> Switzerland

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