SharePoint files tab replacement are coming at some point. once this happens you will have view and sort options that function just like the Modern SharePoint UI which is very good. You will also if enabled(on by default) be able to sync right form the files tab using the onedrive client and then you will have those listed under "Sites - Org" Folder in explorer where you will be able to use explorer for your file needs.

However couple things to keep in mind if you allow sync. If the library of all channels are large, you might want to make sure you users are on Windows 10 / newest mac build and have Files On-Demand setup so that they are only syncing metadata unless they need the files and it will download as needed instead of using the space on everyone's computers.

If the total file storage isn't large you shouldn't have much of an issue there, but just something to keep in mind when planning / using this once it lands.