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We are moving to a new office, and looking at options for hosted PBX.  We use Teams internally for office to office chats, as well as video meetings.  We are now exploring using Teams as our complete corporate phone solution.  Looking for feedback from any companies who have adopted Teams to replace their PBX.  We have about 40 users and currently currently have reception and a switchboard to handle all incoming calls.  We are a Canadian company and currently use Bell for analog phone lines.  

Would love to hear success stories using Teams for telephony as well as video/audio platform.  Seems like a great solution, but would like to hear from others who have done this.


Thanks in advance!


Got about 20000 users on Teams enterprise voice, using direct routing to connect to various SBCs. Overall experience is wonderful. Of course much depends on which provider you go with.

For a small size organization using calling plans directly from Microsoft might be the easiest solution.
The Best solution for your case is to go with Teams Phone System + Calling Plan. So Microsoft would take care of your PBX + PSTN carrier. If you want to retain with your current carrier then you can go with Teams Phone System + SBC (Direct Routing).
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