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Hi, I've been trying for sometime to use Teams but somehow it simply does not work. I have no connection to any organization, however the following message appears:

"You're missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams for"

When I try to log in through the web application, it says that my account has been blocked. I've done the procedure to redefine the password, but nothing works, the issue continues.

Please, I really need to use it, I was even considering to upgrade it to premium, but I can't even try it out to see if it attends my needs


What's the email domain that you're using to login into Teams? Is ending with or or others?

Hey, little_Joe

Okay, try to uninstall the current version of Teams and download a new one from:
Then login with your personal account.
Thank you very much, Joe. A new option appeared and I could choose not to log in as an organization, but as a person.
Problem solved.
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