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We use microsoft teams for our office and an associate called me today and noticed that on her phone app, microsoft teams is showing as off all day but on the computer, she is scheduled for a shift. I checked my phone app and she is correct. Please see screenshots attached of 7/17. On teams, the shift is no different than usual but on the teams phone app, it shows "time off all day" when you click into the shift, it shows working hours. How can I fix this?Teams app 7.17.PNGteams app shift details 7.17.PNGSia 7.17 2.PNGSia 7.17.PNGSia 7.17_LI.jpg

Seems like a bug! Make sure to report it to Microsoft! Help-> feedback! If I understood it correctly you yourselves saw the same error on your phone? Is it only that user or can you replicate it on someone else?
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