best response confirmed by adam deltinger (MVP)
Hmmm interesting, and odd. I would say that it could have been caused by changing the meeting name after the meeting has been, however, somebody would not have changed it to 'call with Abdus and 5 others'. However, just so you are aware Microsoft is changing the meeting recording experience on August 16th so that all recordings go into SharePoint and OneDrive, it could be related to this because Stream is changing to just a player.

I guess the options

1. Trim the video (to cut the title page stamped in the video and rename the video in Stream
2. Or, I would recommend switching over to the new meeting recording experience and the files go into OneDrive and SharePoint. You can make the change via this blog

The recordings that go into ODSP are named what the meeting title is and so should be consistent again. It would probably be quicker, rather than raising a case and getting to the root of it, renaming in Stream and cutting over to the new experience where you'll get the fidelity.

Hope that helps.

Best, Chris
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