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So I am building a dynamic Teams List form and I am doing conditional formatting I want certain fields to appear based on conditions, and that works however when I go into the list complete the pending actions and I choose the item I want the details pane returns the following error:



As you can see the list has the information, so I am not sure what I need to do. If I remove the conditional formatting from the 2 columns, the app works as expected, so I know it has to be something in the formatting that I am doing wrong. In addition when I select a record and hit edit, itJSON Error.PNGDetails Panel.PNGEdit.PNG

I am using simple formulas in column formatting and not really using JSON the formula for "Agent" is =if([$Category] == 'Agent', 'true', 'false') and JSON validator says the =if is wrong and it states it should be without the = but it is not a valid formula.


This is a SharePoint List, And I am using it in a column called "Agent" and a column called "Team Meeting" and it is pointed at a column called "Category". So if the Category is "Agent" then only that field will be visible and likewise with the one for "Team". This function is working, however I am getting an error, when I am trying to view the record in the "Details Pane" and also none of the record is visible when you click on edit.  


My formulas appear to be correct and like I said previously when I remove the formulas the form works as expected. Here are the formulas again: =if([$Category] == 'Agent', 'true', 'false') And =if([$Category] == 'Team', 'true', 'false')