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Hi Guys


I'm very new to Teams so please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is it possible to use the desktop app to trigger an outbound voice call on another device?


Basically, I have a client with a 3rd party VoIP system that will be integrated to Teams. They run Teams on their RDS desktops so would use the mobile app for their voice calling, but it would be good if they wanted to dial from the desktop, to be able to have that call actually take place on the mobile.


This is possible via pure VoIP systems running both a desktop and mobile softphone.


Many thanks in advance.



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Hi @Siplicity

Not possible at this moment in time, Whilst you an transfer active devices in a meeting


And you will very soon be able to switch a call to a mobile


There isn't currently a way to trigger a call in one client and it occur in the other. I would raise a uservoice here whilst it is still around


The only issue is that Uservoice will soon be decommissioned so I would recommend raising it again when the new board (whatever that is) is in place. Would also keep an eye on the AMA's here for Teams which occur from time to time to ask the question to the product team

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris