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Hi there, I'm wondering if there is a way on Teams to limit the number of voicemails that can be in a voicemail box at a time.  For example, the voicemail box would only be able to have 30 voicemails at a time and then after that, if someone attempts to leave a voicemail, it tells them that the voicemail box is full.  This line is for a housing assistance program and the way it works is that interested program participants can call, leave a voicemail, and then every week, a case manager gets back to each individual who has left a voicemail.  However, with the unlimited number of voicemails at the moment, the case worker will oftentimes get inundated with messages and can't reach them all (they're still getting back to people from April) so they want it to be limited so that if a participant calls and the voicemail box has reached its limit, they'll receive the message that the box is full and try calling again the following week.  Alternative ideas for how to handle this situation will also be appreciated :) Thank you!