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Hi folks,

I am having an issue with the configuration tab in MS teams' team's tab, I have enabled the canUpdateConfiguration key in my MS teams manifest from this I am able to update or modify the content of my tab in the team's tab. but after modifying the content, the name provided in the suggestedDisplayName key in teams is not getting updated.

code example that I am using for adding/ updating the tab.

microsoftTeams.settings.registerOnSaveHandler(saveEvent => {

   entityId: 'A unique id',
   'contentUrl: 'A url for my tab'',
   suggestedDisplayName: 'Updated name',



This issue only occurs on modifying the tab, on adding the tab it works fine for me.

Any help is very much appreciated!

Unfortunately, this forum is not the optimum place to get help for Teams problems.
The "Access" in the title of this forum is the MS Access application (part of Office) used to create relational database applications. You will find more focused help in a forum devoted to support of the Teams application.

Good luck tracking down a solution.

@George Hepworth  Thanx for your reply.

Can you please let me know where I can put my query to get a solution on this?

I would recommend you search for a forum dedicated to "Teams", which is, it appears, the application where you are having the problem.