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Today a colleague asked me, how it's possible to invite the channel-calender from a #microsoftteams via a classical outlook-invitation. I tried several tests to solve the requirement...

- invited the channel email in my outlook invitation
- invited the teams-group email
- checked some sharepoint settings
- etc.

but nothing helped. I didn't found any new meeting block in the channel-calender.

Only the option one-way to organize it in teams, send it to outlook and forwarding it to other people was really successful.

Last chance, due to very less time in the next days is to ask you (my #digitalcollaboration network) now. Do you got a tool hack in your pocket;)?
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Hello, you can only schedule a channel meeting using Teams, it's not currently possible with Outlook. The Channel Calendar App is only part of the current channel being a filtered view of the group mailbox. Meaning it will show all the meeting in that particular channel in a calendar view. You can add a channel calendar to all your channels.

@ChristianJBergstrom that's a pain as when you set an event via Teams you can't set time to 'free' (such as when you set up a holiday and want everyone to see it but not block out the calendar). So these have to be set up in Outlook but I can't then invite the Team as such.

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