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We use Teams as our primary means of coordinating work groups. We are seeking a status to indicate the message has been seen or acknowledged when it arrives. "Pending" or "In Progress" would be ideal labels. The new status will provide a bridge between when a message is sent and when it is fully addressed (we use the Thumbs Up status for that).


TLDR: Please add a new status in Teams for "Pending" or "In Progress" status.

Teams isn't a task tracking tool, but you can track tasks from messages by creating a task from a message but hovering over it and clicking ... > create task. This should help track status of a message you need to follow up on etc. in Teams.
Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. We aren't looking to create a genuine tracking system. The idea of a new status is to provide feedback to the original poster that the message has been received and someone will respond in whatever way is most appropriate.
In this case I would reply to the message using Power Automate flow with a generic response if that is the purpose of just acknowledging the message was received.
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