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Hi All, 

I am helping a client who is moving from Google  Drive to SPO and want to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration


  1. Source: Google Drive and structure is by each country. Within Google Drive, its easy to find Information like this


    Visio GDrive Structure.jpg

    ALL data stored in Google Drive and in a structured which immediately readable architecture. Each country as its own permissions.

  2. Destination: The destination Microsoft SharePoint Online and migration tool is not known as yet. It could be Mover.

     The client wants to have the same structure in Teams like folder structure in Google Drive above.   The key challenges that they are facing:
    1.  Search in Teams is difficult and
    2. Any Team the leadership/global team does not belong to, they cannot see content.

  3. Can we recommend to client the following:
    1. Do we create each SPO site for each folder. For e.g
      Japan (from Google Drive)  to  ,
      India (from Google Drive)   to etc.

    2. Once India site is created, click on Add real-time chat to connect to SharePoint Site to India team:

      02 SPO Site India.jpg
    3. Create Teams channels as per Google Drive Structure as follows:

      04 Teams Channels.jpg

What is best approach to meet the client requirements and appropriate way to Organization Teams?
Thanks in advance.   


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