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One user isn't possible to switch on Large Gallery mode.

It covers only this one user (user related problem), no matter on what computer I login with this user it always have same problem. If I login with any other user on the same computer, I can switch to Large Gallery without problem. Also requirement that there should be at least 10 users with cameras switched on is met. We have already tried to update Teams version, but no success, problem didn't disappear. 


Please see screenshot attached, that "Not enough space for Large Gallery" shows when I hower my mouse over "Large gallery (Preview)".


Screenshot_2 copy.png


Tried to google this up, but no success, it seems that no one have/had this problem before.

Any solutions?



Hi, first time I've ever seen this so not sure. Considering the troubleshooting already done I would probably open up a support ticket with Microsoft. But if you haven't already I would also reset the app by deleting all content here %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and perhaps force an update of the Teams version
The reason for the "Not enough space for Large Gallery" tooltip is that the central stage is being occupied by content / pinned / spotlighted participants. As long as there is incoming screenshare the Large Gallery button will remain disabled.

This issue is already fixed in inner rings but it will take some time for the fixes to propagate through the rings, expect it to arrive in R4 / Public in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, a workaround that all participants in a meeting starts the Large Gallery before they start to share or spotlight people would not work either, once the share / spotlight starts, Large Gallery will be unselected as the active layout and the Large Gallery button would again be disabled.

@Mattias Kressmark Ah.. brilliant. Thanks for adding to this conversation Mattias! As mentioned I've never seen that message before. Now it's ingested in the "archive" :)

I doubt, that this will help, because it has been tried on 3 different workstations/computers, all with latest Teams version ( and it all works with different users except one specific user. But anyway, thanks for suggestion, ill try it later.

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