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Hello everyone,


My organization is on the road to move or migrate phone system to MS Teams.

Currently we have more than 10 offices globally with stand-alone phone system.


And there are 3 offices already migrated to MS Teams by their local MS partner.
All use Direct routing. They are located in different countries.


I am trying to get help of high level design of MS Teams phone system.  Questions below.
Your help is appreciated.


1) There are Global(Org-wide default) setup for dial plan, voice policies etc. 
Is it the best-practice that region-specific policies should be created
for each region? (let's say one country is one region)

or should we just do it as user-based policy?   What will be the pros and cons ?

2)  (similar as question 1) What is the best-practice plan for global organization?
Should be country-based/continental-based (Europe, North America, Asia) voice policy package design?   

Let's assume the one country/continental share with same voice policy package (dial plan etc).  


MS Teams doc. below indicates that users could be assigned with policy package to group.

Should a specific AD user group created for this purpose? or use the existing AD user groups i.e. office-based group currently we have?


Thanks for your input in advance.


Best regards,


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