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When I minimize a Teams Video Call it minimizes to the bottom right of the screen, which is very frustrating. This is inconvenient as I'm then not looking at my team, but looking down, so everytime I have to move it up to the top leftish so my team has me looking at them. 
The teams windows need to minimize at least to middle of screen, and preferably should allow you to select where to place it when minimized. 


If this is possible please let me know how.

This is just the way it is. I know of no way to influence this setting. As you say though, you can move the minimised window around your screen as you please which is pretty easy to do.


yes, easy to do, but very very frustrating as a user, especially if you have to switch in and out of min and normal.

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I guess the thing to realize with a video call minimized window like this is that it is important where it is placed. Locating it at bottom right means you look down and away from who you are talking to, and requires extra work to correct. In addition, many laptops have low mounted camera (under screeen, nostril-cam) so a simple option to select screen position, or better, remembering where it was last place on the screen would be very user friendly. Just because something is simple to do does not mean it is "OK".
I fully agree. I use Teams all day long and wish it would remember where I place the minimized window on my screen!