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Hello is there a way to manually crop the my video so that not everything behind me is visible. Effectively zooming in on my face. My camera has a pretty wide area of view and I would prefer to cut some out. Skype had the functionality so I hope it comes to teams. Is this a planned enhancement at some point in the near future?



Teams cannot cut the video image you send out, but for the other participants in the meeting it might cut some of the background to fit their Teams window. All participants will not have the same cut and they can reframe the video to see your full video.

Adjust your view in a Teams meeting - Office Support (microsoft.com)


You can also use a virtual background if you want to hide something.

Change your background for a Teams meeting - Office Support (microsoft.com)

Teams does not seem to be able to do this. You can, however, install OBS studio and use that to crop your camera feed and then create a virtual camera output of the cropped feed. You then select the virtual camera from inside teams.

The problem with this is that OBS studio introduces a small time delay (about 300ms) which is annoying.

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