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I encountered this bug while testing today: When you send an email to a channel containing two attachments with the same name (but still distinct documents), they are merged into one document - each attachment representing one version of the saved document.


This should probably work the same way as if you download the same item multiple times, adding a (x) to the end of the name of the documents.




Hello, for proper handling you should add this information within Teams, bottom left corner, where you can provide feedback directly to the product team.

Thanks @Knut Christian Arenås  We request that bug reports (and feature suggestions) be submitted on our Uservoice feedback forum.  That way, others can vote on them and you'll receive notices of progress.

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Thanks for the replies.

I had already reported this in Teams, but was unsure if this was easily visible for Microsoft or if it would drown in reports. Will create a uservoice for this aswell.
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