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As far as I can understand, Teams does not support pasting images with some level of transparency, in chat conversations. If you have a clipboard .png image copied from e.g. Snagit and parts of the image is transparent, it cannot be pasted in a conversation. But once you fill the transparent part with some color e.g. white, it can.

IMO you should be able to paste a picture with transparency in Teams, like you can in Outlook and S4B. Attached is an image with transparency (the middle vertical area) that at least I can't seem to paste in one of my Teams chat conversations.

Yeah, experience of pasting pictures in Teams is not the best one. I recommend you to post this requirement as an idea in Teams User Voice

@Juan Carlos González Martín This was just solved by enabling a new (for me) property in Snagit - or at least its a workaround. In the Snagit editor preferences, go to "Share" and chose "Clipboard". Now you should see an option to disable image transparency on clipboard.

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