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Not able to add a user to break out room , who has joined as guest.. it gives a message when we try to add to break out room -"this person is using a device or app that does not support breakout rooms" but the same person on the same device and app if disconnects from the meeting and join back using the Rejoin button then that error is gone and we can add them to breakout room, what could be the issue in the initial place where it does not allow us to assign the person to breakout room, where as re-joining to the same meeting from same machine same client without any change allows to add the guest to Breakout rooms ? Teams version on Add Remove Programs-, all logged in via laptop, who where logged in via teams after authenticating did no see any issue though it was few

Hello, that sounds odd. I would open up a support ticket with Microsoft on this as it's working when joining a second time.
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