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I work in healthcare and my organisation are planning to embrace and better utilise MS teams across our large organisation.


I work in the non-clinical side of the organisation.  MS teams is currently being used across the organisation but mainly in a video chat capacity.  I am part of a project team to look at how we can deploy MS teams deeper into the organisations functions (teams) to promote co- working, reporting, and many other features of teams .  But before we get there I am just brain storming the steps involved to get organisation on a path of evolution.  The organisation has recognised the need to connect current non-clinical systems to MS teams and pull in that information for example HR information , training e modules etc.  I think I have recognised the first step by individually talking to teams and identifying the system they use and the information it generates. Also we would need to identify for each team the interactions they have with other teams for there processes, eg finance meet procure once a month to reconcile statement.  The aim of that is hoped to cross connect teams and communicate /work on that process and so on.. on MS teams. Once the organisational/coperate systems have been identified to then map that to MS teams functionality apps.


This is what I think the first step , but I might be wrong.  This is why I would like to reach out to the community to ask , what are the steps involved to produce a solid road map which I can start attain to help better utilise MS teams and move towards a MS teams full deeper integrated future.


Also from a project management perspective what would need to go into the project plan? What does the training of employees look like? 

If theres another forum/website anyone thinks would be helpful for what I am asking I am open to looking .  Appreciate any help and will keep and community updated on progress.