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Hi everyone,


i searched the internet and admin center up and down but i did not find a solution.

We have open federation set up for our tenant.

Now i have the request to scope a federation (presence etc) with a partner to a group of people and do not allow it for others.

So for instance - a department A is allowed to chat and see the presence of the partner but the other department B is not.

The department A should not be allowed to use cloud recording with this partner.


Is this even possible? We want to keep open federation


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@StephanGee  Hi it is possible to create a controlled list of domains for Federated access from the Teams Admin Centre

The policy is under Org-Wide Polices the select the External Access policy


There is the option to either create an Allowed or Blocked list, but not both


See Microsoft Doc article for more infor. 


Hi Nikki. Thanks for the quick answer.

I know these settings - but we want to keep our "open federation" and only restrict the interaction with one domain. 

The settings for all other domains should not change.


And by restrict i do not mean block but having different policies like for all the others ;)

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I had a Teams expert clarify this - it is not possible to have different policies for different recipients. Just to close this case ;)