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The way I understand it, if you want to keep your analogue devices, then aside from needing a certified Gateway that connects to an SBC.  The SBC will need to be on prem? Otherwise if the SBC is in the cloud, the Analogue devices would need to go over the internet which presents a security risk?

I guess the alternative is to have a private link to Azure/AWS and deploy a SBC there?

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'Analog' devices are perhaps poorly named, what they mean is they are not network devices, they don't connect using tcp/ip and you cant plug them into a switch, router or anything else. They need a simple wire connecting them to a phone line.


Some specific sbc provide these analog ports that you can then wire them straight to your device (maybe through a patch panel, but ultimately its one continuous electrical connection.


So yes, if you want to connect analog devices you'll need an sbc on premises you can wire them upto.

perfect, many thanks for your response Steven.