All of our user mailboxes are on-premise with full Exchange 2016 hybrid connectivity in place. When someone has a meeting booked in their diary and it is set to show as busy the Teams presence for this user still shows as available.


I have tested moving one of our on-premise test accounts mailbox to Exchange online and this then updates the presence as busy when a meeting is taking place in this test accounts calendar.


Is there a fix for this or is it a limitation.

I have found this that suggest that group writeback needs to enabled to get this working? We do not have it enabled yet. Does this need enabling to get presence working correctly?
Thanks I went through that and all looks fine. I opened support case and looks like a limitation. This is what they have said:

"I have reproduced and performed research with my Tech lead on this from the back end, My results show that the issue is by design for all Hybrid setup with on-prem Exchange server.

This was confirmed and verified by my Technical lead as well. As long as the presence changes correctly when in a meeting and out of a meeting, then you have nothing to worry about.

The upside is that a few Exchange online customers have also shared their dissatisfaction with this because their presence goes to busy when they haven't joined the meeting or on a call in teams."
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