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I have contacted support and they have been unable to give me an answer and suggested I post my issue here. 


Incoming video does not work for me in Teams. Outgoing video and audio (both incoming and outgoing) work just fine... and I have checked to make sure that incoming video is not switched off. I have tested on both my laptop and tablet and the same issue persists on both.


I have reinstalled the app on the laptop but no change. At one point during a test meeting with my daughter (from my tablet)... I had it sitting beside me with no visible incoming video when all of the sudden the video appeared for no apparent reason and worked fine. We ended that test call and started another, and again, incoming video did not work, and did not appear randomly either (we gave up after 20 minutes).


I am at a loss as to what else to try but hoping somebody can provide some advice. Again, this issue persists on laptop and tablet.


Thanks in advance.