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Hi all - I wanted confirmation if this would work in case it was possible for it to hit the fan.


I created a Microsoft Teams invitation for a meeting that would involve 100+ people. I would need to be the organizer for this meeting, but I was not responsible for sending out the invitations - that was a colleague. She is using the Outlook forward meeting function to forward the Microsoft Teams meeting to others.


My questions are - 1) Does this work? Does the Microsoft Teams link to my event lead to the right place in the Forwarded Outlook invitation? and 2) The reason she's not just copying and pasting the Teams link is because there might need to be changes made to the event on my part - if I need to make any changes to the invitation for any reason, can I just send an Update to my Microsoft Teams meeting event and it will go out to all of the Forwarded invites?


Happy to clarify as needed - just really want to make sure that if people click that forwarded link or I need to send an update, they all get to the right place.



Apologies - an added question - will those who my invitation is forwarded to be able to see the full list of attendees for the meeting? In my test to a different email of mine, I could not see the other attendees - but not sure if that's just because my other email is a Google account versus Outlook.

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