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Hi everyone

I continue to be frustrated by the complexities of Microsoft and Teams and hope you can give me some clarity on some issues I continue to encounter using these services.


1. Signing in.

I have the Teams app on my windows 10 laptop. My workplace has given me their login (email and password) and to sign in with the Teams app all I have to do is write in the email and boom I'm in - easy. However, I also have my own personal Teams account and signing into that is a multi-step process. This is the process...

- Click on Teams app on desktop - two windows come up (one saying Teams loading the other asking for a microsoft sign in). Write email into sign in window and click sign in

- Password window comes up - type in password - click sign in

- Welcome window pops up - select Teams account - click continue

- Re-enter Microsoft password window pops up - re enter password - click sign in

- Verify email window pops up - select email - click send verification code

- Go to email, wait to receive verification code, copy code and put into verify code window.

After all this I'm now allowed into my Teams account.

I have to go through this process every time I want to log in.

2 step verification is turned off.

Why can't it just need one window - account and password?

Why does my workplace account work with just the email and then goes straight into Teams and my personal one doesn't?


2. Other issues.

I have years of experience on gotomeeting, jitsi, zoom and skype - all of which are easy and straight forward to use - this really magnifies the frustrations with Teams below. 

- Participants not being allowed access to the chat box - even though they're in the meeting and have full sound and visual allowances. All their possible email accounts have been added to invite.

- No option to send messages to just one participant (?)

- When sharing screen camera turned off and if you click on the screen while sharing it you go blind (participant videos hidden as well as your own). Meaning you can't share your screen and actively USE it while still being able to see other participants (?). So you're never quite sure exactly who is talking and have to ask, "Um who said that?"

- No pause button when screen sharing (?) - this is a vital function, Teams must have it right??

- Participant video only on when they're talking (?)

- No 'give control of computer' to participant option (?)

The fact that these issues are not able to be intuitively solved (as with other platforms) is dumbfounding.


With so many of my clients transferring their workforce onto Teams I will have to be spending more time using this platform and am coming to you as a last ditch effort to try and get along better with it. I hope you can help. Thanks for reading.


Kind regards,







1. A Microsoft Account doesn't have a default tenant like you Work and School account, so it asks which tenant you want to access after you authenticate if you are a guest in multiple. This would seem to be the only difference. Next month a new update is coming out that will allow you to log in with both accounts at the same time, then you can switch tenants as will (and have a personal Teams account open in one window with your work account in another).


2. a. There are a few factors that effect the presence of the meeting chat. If you invite someone from a Work or School which have blocked meeting chat then that will also apply to your meetings, their policy wins. Also if you create a meeting in a channel, only channel members can access the chat.

b. There is no 1:1 in meeting chat, but you can start a chat to anyone you would be able to chat to outside a meeting from their profile card in the attendee list.

c. This sounds like you are using a browser rather than desktop client, the desktop will show you a small window with the video of the most recent speaker, and you can click it to bring back the full video window.

d. Wrong, not a Teams function. I know Zoom has this but I don't recall seeing it in any other VC client.

e. Not sure what you mean, if you are using the browser then you'll only see the active speaker (this changes to 4 next month btw). The desktop client will show 9 videos in normal mode or 49 is Large Gallery view.

f. Sounds like you are using a browser again, you can share in the desktop client unless your company has set a policy to prevent it.

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