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When I first installed Teams in my computer I selected Google calendar to schedule meetings, however I’d like to switch to Outlook calendar. I have not find a way to do so. Also, my Outlook 365 does not show the icon for scheduling Teams meetings so I’m also unable to schedule the Teams meeting in Outlook this way. Add-in is missing.
Hi, I assume you’re using Teams free. You get the option to choose when scheduling. You can share the invite from Outlook or your Google Calendar, or you can copy the meeting invitation and share it by using any messaging app you want. See link

As for the Outlook add-in you need to have a subscription including Teams (with Exchange license). The add-in will not work using Teams free as no Exchange license is included, meaning no mailbox for scheduling.
Thank you. Correct, I’m using Teams free. I have an MS 365 personal subscription.
The option “share via Outlook” in the “your meeting is scheduled” window does not appear. Please explain where I can find the setting to have the option to show the button to select Outlook. Currently ONLY the button to select “share via Google calendar” appears.

@ngeniotech1 Hey, been quite some time since I signed into my Teams free org. Did it now and the interface doesn't look like the support pages guidance. In other words, I experience the same behavior with only two options, copy link and schedule with Google. I signed up using an personal account. Maybe they are doing some upgrades, updates and such.


@adam deltinger @Christopher Hoard sitting on any info here?

@ngeniotech1 Hello, this is now working as it should. If you haven't noticed already.