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the question is: Does Teams care if I change my connection in a call?

Example: I am on my laptop in a Teams call connected wirelessly, and I get a low battery warning so I connect to a docking station. My laptop senses the wired connection and disables wireless. The laptop gets a new IP in a new subnet, and because of the way my firewall is set up, I now have a new public IP address. Will Teams lose connection for a moment as it figures out that I moved? Will it matter if the person I am on a video call with is also within my organization, connected to the same wired LAN that I am now part of?


That it reconnects is not an issue, we see it reconnecting. We are trying to determine if the change in public IP is what is ultimately causing the issue, since that is a fairly simple resolution.



@ThereseSolimeno that doesn't look like the same thing, though I appreciate the answer. That describes moving from one device to another, and doing so within the Teams app. My situation is different.