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Good morning,


I am trying to upload a PDF to TEAMS to share with my students.  They need to see the book on their screen as we are going through the lesson.  I went to the share box with the arrow and tried to upload it.  A message appears saying that it can not be uploaded.  How can I upload and share with my students so they are able to read it from their screen?


Also, I had eight students that signed into teams but I could only see two students.  However, I could not see them at the same time.  It would flip between the two students.  How do I get all students to appear on the screen at the same time?  Thank you for any help you can provide.  


Hi Nicole,

Based on the date you asked your question, I certainly hope you were able to find an answer by this point, but since I had a similar issue and came across your question I figured I would tell you what I found.  If I want to share a pdf in a meeting and I open the sharing tray I am only able to browse for power point files.  However, if i open the PDF file before joining the meeting, it will be listed under the Window section of the sharing tray.  Also, I found that if I have the sharing tray open and I've already joined my Teams meeting and want to share a PDF, I can minimize Teams, open the PDF file, go back to Teams and then close and re-open the sharing tray and the PDF will be listed to share under the Window section.  Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for your video question.  Hope I was able to help.


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